Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hiking - Peek A Boo Lake

We also did this hike before J. went to Key West ... but better late than never, right?  Peek A Boo Lake was a really good hike, challenging in the beginning and then leveled off in the last few miles.

 Heading up the trail:

 A great view from the edge of the meadow, before we headed into the woods and down to the lake:

J. and G.S. using the map to figure out what peaks we were looking at:

 J. and I with the mountains in the background!

W., G.S. and J. ... the lighting was weird, so it's hard to see the mountains behind them:

 Better picture of the mountains:

Back through the meadow to the trail that will take us to the lake:

It was a gorgeous day!

 Peek A Boo Lake!

Log jam:


 J. brought us "surprise" Busch Lights:

 A fallen tree ... those are some huge roots!

As challenging as some of the hikes can be, I'm going to miss them when the rainy season starts ...

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