Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Mother Visits the Pacific Northwest - Part I

My mother just left after spending a week out here with J. and I.  We did a lot during her visit, but also managed to squeeze in some time for relaxing!  She arrived on a beautiful day, so we headed out to walk the dogs.  We had a great view of the sun setting over the harbor.  Those are the Olympic Mountains in the background:  

Me and the Mother

Sometimes I can't believe I live here!

 The next day we lounged around all morning and then headed north to visit Deception Pass.  I'd walked over the bridge a couple of times but had never hiked down to the beach.  We decided to head down and check it out:

And I was so glad that we did ... there was a seal playing in the water about 5-8 feet from the beach!  That little black speck in the middle of the picture is his head!  Someday, I will get a better camera and be able to take much better pictures :)

Looking at the bridge from the beach

My mom on the beach with the bridge in the background

Looking out towards the San Juan Islands from atop the bridge

While we were walking across the bridge, we happened to look down and noticed that our seal friend had joined another seal and were frolicking in the water ... it was so much fun to watch!
Those two white things amongst the kelp are the seals!

 When we finally tore ourselves away from the seals, we headed to the base to see J. and his jet.  The mighty Growler:

J. and The Mother

She fit under the wing!

The squadron patch

A Growler painted for the Yellow Jackets squadron

After our visit to the base, we headed into Anacortes and gave The Mother a quick tour of downtown before heading to Adrift for dinner.  We had a great meal with G.S., N. and Mr. R. and then came back to get a good night's sleep for the weekend!

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