Friday, November 5, 2010

Purdue Reunion - Halloween

So, Facebook changed the way they do their photo albums and now you can't copy people's photos.  While I am sure this was some kind of security thing, it's super annoying when you want pictures from your friends!

Anyways, after our big day in Leavenworth, we spent our second day together lounging around, walking the dogs and waiting for J. to get back from work.  We headed north to Anacortes in the early evening and made a few stops along the way ... we had to drop the dogs off for their sleepover with Uncle W. and needed some last minute costume accessories.

All dressed up ... we were superheroes and BatBee!
Margeaux, Elle, Face, Me and Easy A

Take 2 ... I needed a picture without my bat mask:

The black and yellow crew:

Face and Margeaux ... or WonderWoman and SpiderWoman:

The Red and Blue Crew:

Anacortes friends:
Me, Mrs. R, Mr. R. and Mr. Cheese ... Mr. R. had the best costume.

Me and Mrs. R.:

Playing Flippy Cup ... Team SuperHereos:

Team Heart Fail (don't ask):

We were having so much fun, everyone joined in ... the new and improved Team Heart Fail:

G.S. and J. squaring off ... (they were Chilean miners):

Go, Team Heart Fail, Go!

Making our mark on the table:

An intense game ...

And my picture taking abruptly ended.  We had so much fun.  I wish we could dress up more often!

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