Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Real Simple

I love magazines.  But I've gotten rid of all of my magazine subscriptions except for Glamour, they just got to be too much.  I felt like I wasn't getting as good of a deal from them as I did when I first subscribed.  And let's be honest, you get a subscription because it's a MUCH better deal than buying it at the grocery store every month.  One magazine that I especially love is Real Simple ... they've got recipes, tips, ideas, etc.  And today, on In This Wonderful Life, Megan posted a link to purchase a one year subscription for $10.00.  That is a FANTASTIC deal.  The magazine is $4.99 in the store.

So, dear readers, hop on over to Amazon and treat yourself to a year subscription to Real Simple.  Because it's November, it's Tuesday and it's a darn good deal.  They would also make good Christmas gifts for someone!  

Click here to purchase the subscription!  Happy Tuesday!

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