Saturday, November 6, 2010

Purdue Reunion - Seattle Takeover

We spent Friday night in Anacortes after the big Halloween party, so Saturday morning we woke up, did a little damage control around G.S.'s house and then headed to Gere-A-Deli for lunch.  We'd been meaning to try Gere-A-Deli for awhile so it worked out perfectly ... AND it was a beautiful and clear morning so the girls got to see Mt. Baker.

After lunch, we headed south ... with a quick stop at the house to shower and change before heading into Seattle.  The boys wanted to go to REI (again, seriously?! more on that later), so we invited N.'s girlfriend to come into Seattle with us so she wouldn't be bored silly.  It was a great opportunity to get to know her better AND use our third row seating, I knew it would come in handy at some point!  Our first stop was Pike Place Market.

We wandered around the market ... watching the fish throwers, trying slices of fresh apples and admiring the beautiful flower arrangements.  

And then we headed over to the first Starbucks ...

Which was actually the least crowded that I have EVER seen it, so we got to go in and look around:

And then we ran into W. (who knew we were there) and went on a hunt for the infamous gum wall:
Elle, D., Face, Me, Easy A and Margeaux

And then W. contributed to the gum wall:

I hope he didn't actually touch it ... it's the second germiest tourist attraction in the world.  GROSS.

Looking down Post Alley:

After the gum wall, we headed towards Pioneer Square.  One of Face's friends from high school works at the oldest bar in Seattle, The Central Saloon, so we headed over to visit him and grab a drink.  
Elle, W., G.S. and Margeaux

D. and N.

J. and I

The bathrooms were painted "graffiti-style," and I loved it.  So I took lots of pictures:

Purdue Girls at The Central Saloon:
Face, Elle, Margeaux, Easy A and Me

Face and her friend, Danny

A picture of the outside of The Central Saloon ... it was such a neat bar, I highly recommend it!  They had a stage for live music and as we were leaving a band was setting up.  They were dressed up as the Blue Man Group and one of them was Tobias Fueke in his never nude shorts from the Arrested Development episode when he tried to join the Blue Man Group ... most creative costume ever!

After our happy hour, we headed back towards the market and had dinner at The Pike Pub & Brewery.  It was a pretty good meal but for groups over 7 (which we were) we all had to be on one check and they could only take 6 credit cards ... I thought that was kind of odd and they didn't tell us ahead of time so it was pretty annoying.

All in all, I had a great visit with my Purdue girls.  Thanks for making the trip out here ladies ... can't wait to see you all again soon!

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