Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've FINALLY decided what color scheme I want to use in my kitchen ... I've been plagued by this for months now.  While I can't completely makeover my current kitchen (we're renting and I'm not going to paint), I can work on looking for things for my future kitchen.

The main color I want to use is the one in the bottom, right-hand corner:

It's a little bold, but it's my absolute favorite color.  In the last two apartments I lived in before moving to Washington, I painted accent walls in my bedroom with Snap.  I plan on doing accent walls in the kitchen and then using black, white and a pale turquoise to accent it.  I think it will be very cheerful and energetic and perfect for a kitchen.  

And, as if it wasn't exciting enough to finally figure out what I wanted to do with my kitchen, I found some perfect pieces for it in Indy today.  In the four years that I lived here, I always wanted to go to the Midland Arts & Antique Market but I never made it there.  I had some free time this afternoon so I decided to pop in ... and I am so glad that I did!  I found some pieces of Fiestaware that I've been eyeing and they were SUCH. A. GOOD. DEAL.  It was amazing really.  I got this beautiful pitcher: 

The pitcher retails for $48.00.  Price at Midland:  $12.00.  I could not believe my eyes.  

I also got this lovely serving platter: 

In turquoise!  I can't wait to get home and put them on display in the kitchen!  For all of you who are looking for ways to freshen up your house on the cheap, check out your local antique stores!  You can find some amazing deals.  Now I'm on the hunt for the spoon rest in Peacock and possibly the salt and pepper shakers as well ... but only if I can find a good deal!  

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!  


  1. Fantastic color! It's so bright and cheerful, but it can also be really classy and elegant, depending on the accessories you use.

    Fiestaware is so fun because it comes in so many colors! That turquoise is beautiful.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! When I move out of base housing, I want to use this color with red (coca cola red) splashes! I'm obsessed with that color combination! GREAT CHOICE!

  3. Thanks girls! I am really excited to start decorating!

    Jes -- you might like this print off Etsy if you love the blue and red combo:

    It's blue, it's red, the cherry blossoms will remind you of Japan ...