Friday, February 4, 2011

City Love

I've found some fabulous prints this week and wanted to share ... I will be posting the "Seattle" version, but a lot of vendors have other cities available as well!  Don't be surprised if you get one of these as a gift in the near future if I know you in real life! 

If I'm not careful, my whole house is going to be decorated in "Seattle!"


  1. LOVE these! Found a good Milwaukee design for the heart candy/map one and a small airplane in the calligraphy one. Thanks for the links! And don't worry, our home is already well on it's way to having a little too much Wisconsin/Milwaukee pride.

  2. So adorable. Love them all! The real problem is choosing just one.

  3. It was hard to choose only one ... so I got two! Haha. I need to place my Seattle pride sporadically around the house so no one notices my obsession.