Saturday, February 12, 2011

What we ate this week ...

I've had so many other things to blog about this week (doesn't happen that often so had to take advantage of it!), that I haven't had time to post about our meal planning for the week.  So far this week, we've eaten:

Sunday - we went to a Superbowl party at our friends house and they made amazing ribs.  It had been a VERY long time since I've eaten ribs and they were so good.  So so so good.  I don't know if I have it in me to try to make them sometime, but it's tempting.  We also had a bunch of chips and dips and other appetizers as well.  Yum.

Monday - leftover chili and corn muffins.

Tuesday - J. had a late night and an early Wednesday morning, so he stayed up north near the base.  I made myself these fish tacos.  They were really good, but I burned the fish a bit so I've got to work on my fish frying methods.  I LOVED the dill sauce that goes with the recipe and I also added avocado and black beans because that's what I love about Mexican food.

Wednesday - Chicken with Coconut Lime Peanut Sauce.  I would give this a 2.5 out of 5.  Overall, it was good, but the sauce wasn't fantastic.  It was pretty thick and needed to be a little sweeter or more coconutty or something.  I'm not sure.  I added lots of extra lime juice and coconut milk to try to thin the sauce out but it still ended up pretty thick.  It also could have been my fault because I used regular coconut milk and not lite coconut milk -- maybe the key is in the "lite" version!

Thursday - Chili Glazed Pork with Sweet Potato Hash.  J. was not a fan of this dinner, but I liked it.  The pork tenderloin could have used a little more flavor, but the sweet potato hash was amazing.  I added a little bit of salt to it like the comments suggested and I thought it was tasty.  I don't know what I would do with the pork tenderloin ... maybe increase the amounts in the marinade and possible marinade the meat longer?  I don't know.

Tonight we are heading to Bellingham, a college town about 60 miles north of us to see what it has to offer ... so I better go figure out what I'm going to wear!  Have a fabulous weekend friends!


  1. E - we had a great time in Bellingham! Ate at D'Anna's and then went to a bar just down the street for a little bit. I'll have to pick your brain about where the best restaurants are :)

    Kelsey - that's a great idea! If I started posting at the end of the week instead of the beginning I could take pictures all week.