Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - #3!

Happy Tuesday friends!  Hop on over to Roots and Rings and link up for Ten on Tuesday! 

1. What’s your favorite kind of donut?
Chocolate with sprinkles! Yum!  And the donut place in Pike's Place Market makes fabulous donuts with chocolate icing and sprinkles.  

2. Do you use the snooze button?
Sometimes.  Just depends on the day.  I try not to but some days are so hard.  

3. Do you write in cursive, print, or a combination of the two?

4. Tell us a joke.
Hmmm, I don't know any good jokes.  Sorry, I'm boring.  

5. How many languages do you speak?
One - English ... I wish I spoke more but I haven't had the opportunity to live anywhere long enough to completely immerse myself in the language.  

6. Why did you start blogging?
To keep my family and friends in the Midwest updated on my new life out in the Pacific Northwest.  Now it's become a creative outlet and an e-scrapbook.  

7. Do you use bar soap or liquid body wash?
Dove liquid body wash.  

8. Do you buy bottled water?
Not usually, but sometimes.  

9. What did you think of the Super Bowl Half Time Show?
Did not love it.  But I did like the cool light-up outfits that the dancers were wearing.  

10. How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?
Well, I wasn't a regular viewer of The Office, but over the past couple of weeks I've been watching all the seasons on Netflix.  I started with Season One and I love it!  And I don't know what took me so long to get into it!  As I've said before ... I'm late to jump on the bandwagon.  Anyways, I haven't been watching the current season so I don't know what's going on this season, but I really can't imagine The Office without Steve Carrell.  

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