Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday ...

L.Rae and J2K are on their way here as I write this ... YAY!  We have so much fun stuff planned for this weekend and I am SO excited for all of it.  I am also very excited to host L.Rae for a change.  She's lived in some very cool places, i.e. Washington D.C. and San Francisco and I've visited her 5 times?  Maybe more?  I've lost count.  She came to Indianapolis a couple of times, but her family lives there, so I was never hosting her, so to speak.  So, I'm glad to FINALLY be returning the favor.

I love this saying ...

My aunt has it hanging up in her office and I've loved it since the very first time I read it.  

And here is a great blog to peruse if you have some free time:

I love the title and wish I had thought of something witty like that when I was naming my own blog.  Oh well, maybe next time! 

I hope you all had a great Thursday!  I will probably not be posting this weekend, but I will be back next week with lots to share.  

Happy Weekend!

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  1. "still be calm in your heart." I like that!

    Have a great weekend!