Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun gifts ...

If you need a unique and fun gift for someone ... check out Nat Kat Designs!  My sister and I got my cousin these adorable Delta Gamma canvases for her birthday:

If you look closely the background is light pink and pink stripes.

Light blue and dark blue polka dots on the sides ...

DG Anchor behind "Gamma"

Polka dots up close ...

She's a busy lady, so make sure you order your gifts in advance!  I ordered mine mid-July and got them mid-August.  Natalie was SO nice and easy to work with.  I told her that I wanted the Greek Letter Canvases, that I wanted them to say Delta Gamma and be pink and blue.  She asked me if I had any other ideas about what I wanted the canvases to look like.  I have ZERO skills in the creativity department so I left that up to her :)  And they turned out FANTASTIC.  My sister and I were SO pleased with the way they turned out and my cousin loved them too.  I love the way the pink and blue look together, the anchor and the polka dots on the sides.  Thank you so much Natalie!  

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