Monday, September 27, 2010

Premiere Week ...

It seems like ages ago that all my favorite shows had their Season Finales ... but Premiere Week is finally here!  Well ... it's here and over actually!  Except for Desperate Housewives, all my shows have premiered and I've seen them all.  Here's a rundown of what I will be watching this fall:

Desperate Housewives ... this show hasn't premiered yet but I am loving the previews!  The season finale was full of drama (as usual) with the birth of Lynette's new baby, Eddie (the serial killer) turning himself in, Angie blowing up Patrick Logan (the man from her past), a deathbed confession and Mike and Susan moving off the lane.  I can't wait to see what the new season brings!

Gossip Girl ... technically, GG premiered last week but I've still got to write about it!  I think this is one of my favorite shows and one that I am most excited about watching.  The writers and producers have done a great job keeping me captivated by the storyline.  It's going to be an exciting season with the mystery about baby Milo; Chuck returning to New York City with his French girlfriend; Nate's new love interest, Juliet; and Serena and Blair going to Columbia together.  I personally want Blair and Chuck to get back together ... they've been through so much and I just love them.  I don't know how Blair will be able to watch him try to become a better man with a new girl by his side.  I would feel cheated if I was her.  But, I also wouldn't be able to forgive him for all the terrible things he's done in the past.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  The spoilers I read (DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!!!) say that Chuck's new girl will be around for multiple episodes, but will have a hard time adjusting to life in the city.  That leads me to believe she will be around for a few episodes and then will be out of the picture ... and hopefully Blair will move back into it :)  I just loved their scene in the train station ... so classy.  

Glee ... I am loving the new football coach, the new cast members (Sunshine and Blonde Boy), Quinn's return to the Cheerios, and, of course, Sue Sylvester.  I also loved the "Empire State of Mind" performance and am looking forward to the Britney Spears episode next week!
Running Wilde ... this is a new show with Will Arnett (husband of Amy Poehler and former star of Arrested Development).  I thought he was hilarious in Arrested Development and am excited to see what this show brings.

Criminal Minds ... I LOVE this show.  They play re-runs on one of our channels every night and I try to watch it as much as possible.  There's really never a major story line, just a lot of serial killers and crime solving.  I love it.
Modern Family ... Such a good show and SO funny.  They also won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series ... so you know it has to be good!  I love the cameos on the couch that each cast member makes and the gay couple.  They are hilarious.  Fun fact = Cameron is actually straight in real life, but he does such a great job playing his character.  If I knew that one of the two was straight and had to guess which one, I'd guess Mitchell was straight and Cameron gay.  If you haven't seen this series ... go rent Season 1 and catch-up.  The pilot was done very well and you'll be hooked!
Cougar Town ... is on right after Modern Family and I'm a fan.  I love Courtney Cox Arquette and her quirkiness on the show.

My Generation ... this is a new show on ABC.  I watched the first episode and I liked it, but I am confused.  It's supposedly a documentary about 9 people who graduated from a high school in Austin, Texas in 2000.  They did a documentary on the 9 kids then and now they are following up with them.  However, I can't tell if this is a reality show ... as in, they really did do a documentary on 9 kids in Austin in 2000 and are following up with them, or if that's just the plot line and it's not real at all.  I think I'd like it better if it was real, but I will probably watch the next few episodes anyways, just to see where it's going.
Grey's Anatomy ... I've been a fan since the beginning.  I love Meredith and Derek, Christina's weirdness, Lexi, Bailey and the Chief.  I also love Karev and McSteamy.  And I did love Izzy and George, but they are no more.  I'm interested to see where this season takes us, I haven't really read anything about where the plot is going.
Private Practice ... another show I've been a fan of since the beginning.  It's rare when a spin-off show actually works, but I love Addison (even though she cheated on Derek with his best friend) and I hope that this season brings her happiness!  She deserves it, right??

Whew, that's going to be a lot of TV watching this fall ... will I have time for anything else?  What shows are you watching this fall?  Anything that I missed?

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