Saturday, September 11, 2010

Labor Day Fun Fest, Part III

Sunday was another busy day ... we bought Groupons for a kayaking trip from Redmond to Red Hook Brewery AND we wanted to see Ra Ra Riot at Bumbershoot.

We packed up and headed to Redmond for our kayaking trip.  We had a group of 6 and were split up into two 3-person kayaks.  I had never seen a 3 person kayak before!  I went with L.Rae and J2K and J. went with G. and his buddy.  To make a long story short, the kayaking trip was really lame.  We were basically kayaking down a sewer ditch and the only wildlife we saw were a couple of ducks and geese.  We paid $39 through Groupon for the trip ... and I thought that was WAY too much, I can't imagine what people who pay full price think.  If you are ever in the Seattle area ... do not go kayaking with the Outdoor Adventure Center!

We look so excited to be kayaking.

On the river/stream/sewer ditch...

The brewery was a much bigger success, although we did not get to go on a brewery tour.  Apparently we should have gotten tickets before we went kayaking because the tours sell out.  It would have been nice if the kayaking company would have told us that ...  Everyone filled up on good food and good brew and then we headed back to downtown Seattle.

L.Rae and her Sampler

J.'s Sampler

J.'s Sampler two minutes later ... 

We had a few empties by the end ... I drank water and was DD :)  
Beer is not my thing. 

We were a little tight on time but we made it to Bumbershoot right as Ra Ra Riot started playing.  They played a fantastic set (as always ... that was the 3rd time I'd seen them live).  Their new album, The Orchard, came out the week before so they played songs from both albums.  After the show they were at the f.y.e. tent signing autographs so J. bought their record and had it autographed.  J.'s old roommate, G.S., went to high school with the cellist so we told her hello from G.S.  He couldn't come because he's down in San Diego for P.O.W. training.  Not a very fun week!

Bumbershoot Sign!

Ra Ra Riot on the Broad Street Stage!

We actually got closer than this, but this was the last picture I took.

After we saw Ra Ra Riot we walked around to see what Bumbershoot had to offer.  Bumbershoot is a music and arts festival that is held at the Seattle Center.  We only went for a few hours Sunday night, but we had a great time.  I would definitely like to go back next year and spend a little bit more time there!  We got some food, played some arcade games, spent some time in the beer garden, saw Billy Bragg for a bit and ended at LMFAO (no, I am not kidding).  It was a really hilarious show that made me feel OLD.

The International Fountain with the Space Needle ... both the fountain and the Space Needle were built for the World Fair in 1962.

J2K working a little Skeeball magic ...

4 people + 4 Skeeball lanes = perfect!  Seriously ... besides seeing Ra Ra Riot, playing Skeeball might have been the most fun I had all day :) 

J. and J2K are pretty good Skeeballers ...

L.Rae, J2K and their first child, Groupon Folder

After we used up all our quarters, we headed to the Photo Booth ...

Where we got this beauty ... the machine was broken so we only got 3 photos and I managed to dominate all of them.  At least the 3rd one turned out! 

LMFAO with the Space Needle in the background

J. and J2K playing hackey sack ... for real.

We left LMFAO early (it was the hardest thing I've ever done) and came home to play Scattergories.  Such a fun game!  Then it was off to bed because L.Rae and J2K had to be at the airport early on Monday morning.  We had such a great weekend and can't wait until we can all meet up again :)

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  1. You had a crazy busy weekend! I mostly just laid back, I was going to go to Bumbershoot on Sunday since I got free economy tix from work...but my husband and I wimped out. :)

    I recommend renting kayaks from Agua Verde by UW, or the row boats or canoes from the Waterfront Activity Center at UW and paddling around the arboretum, so beautiful. Cheaper too, at least the WAC is.