Friday, August 13, 2010

Wine Country, here we come!!!

In just a few short hours I will be reunited with some of my FAVORITE people from Purdue and Indianapolis ... I am like a little kid on Christmas morning!  This is the first of many exciting upcoming trips/visitors and I am SO glad it's finally here!

We also had a nice surprise last night/this morning.  J's roommate from Corpus Christi and Meridian got his wings a couple of weeks ago and we knew that he was going to be coming to Whidbey in October.  We also knew that he was coming up here to go house hunting this weekend while we were gone and we would be missing him by mere minutes.  However, last night we got a phone call and he arrived in Everett this morning!  It was so great to see him and now J. has someone to hang out with today/night since I will be gone and the dogs are going to the kennel this afternoon!

I will be back Monday with lots of photos and stories, I am sure.  I hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!


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