Friday, August 27, 2010

San Marcos ...

did not disappoint!  I seriously LOVE that place.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  But, I'll start from the beginning, because we had a pretty eventful day before we even set foot at the outlets!

We managed to get up and get going pretty early this morning.  Austin is a 3 hour drive from Houston, so we needed to be out the door early if we wanted to have time to eat lunch with my cousin AND make it to San Marcos.

Our first stop of the day was about an hour into the trip.  We stopped at a very normal looking gas station.  However, the bakery inside had homemade kolaches.  YUM.  If you've never had kolaches, find somewhere around your home that makes them and RUN there.  They are SO good.  I've decided that kolaches are the next recipe I am going to try to tackle.  However, the kolaches weren't even the interesting part ... there were roosters running around the back of the gas station, wandering in and out of the gas pumps and just hanging out.  Only in hill country ...

Then, we hadn't made it very far down the road before we saw a COW wandering around in the highway.  I mean, we were on a smaller, back roads highway, but it was still four lanes and traffic whizzing about.  It happened too quickly to snap a picture, but the cow meandered across the road and looked SO forlorn as he realized there was fence up and he couldn't get back in to the pasture.  It was quite a sight!

We met up with my cousin next at her sorority house at UT.  She gave us the grand tour and then we headed to SoCo (South Congress) and meandered down the street.  We stopped for lunch at the South Congress Cafe ... a quirky little cafe that you wouldn't even notice if you weren't looking for it!  I've been hearing about "Migas" forever, and I finally had my first plate ... delicious!

After lunch we dropped my cousin off and headed to the outlets!  We shopped until we dropped and I came home with these: 

The Victoria's Secret Lacie Panty ... I didn't even know that VS Outlets existed, let alone that they would have my favorite undies!  They didn't have the best colors, but who really cares?  Especially since they were $2/each.  In the store they sell 3/$30 ...   

Two Bath & Body Works Candles ... I have a hard time spending money on candles ... but not these!  They were 75% off!  I LOVE the cinnamon smell for the fall.

A lovely eyeshadow compact from last Christmas with 6 eyeshadows in it:

A mask from Origins ... that unfortunately, is not on their website, so I hope I can find it in the future at an outlet! 

These beauties from TB ... perfect for the fall!

And a great little sweatshirt/sweater type thing from Banana Republic which will be perfect for the fall as well.  It's cream colored and I'm planning on wearing it with skinny jeans and my Hunter wellies or regular boots if it's not raining!  

All in all, it was a GREAT day at the outlets.  I just LOVE a good deal! 

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