Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot is an Indie rock band from Syracuse, New York and they are AWESOME!  If you like Indie Rock ... hurry on over to iTunes or your local CD store and pick up their new album, The Orchard, which comes out today!

I LOVE this band.  Their first album, The Rhumb Line, is really good and I am really looking forward to hearing The Orchard.  Some of my favorite songs from The Rhumb Line are "Can You Tell," "Too Too Fast," and "Suspended in Gaffa."  I've had the privilege of seeing them in concert twice, and they are just as good in person as their recordings.  I saw them at Lollapalooza last summer and in Birmingham this past September.

J.'s old roommate went to high school with the cellist, Alexandra Lawn.  She is super cute and a fantastic dresser.  When I saw them at Lollapalooza, I didn't know that his roommate knew her.  I LOVED the dress she had on at Lolla.  I couldn't stop talking about it.  I even told J. about it ... why?  Who knows.  J. definitely didn't care about it.  But I'm glad I did because he says "S., you know that she went to high school with my roommate.  He could probably find out where that dress is from."  I didn't really believe that his roommate could find out, but sure enough a week later he told J. where the dress was from.  I hopped over to the website and checked it out ... it was reasonably priced AND on-sale ... it was in my hands the next week.  :)

Then when we saw them in Birmingham, she was wearing the dress and we got to meet her!  They are playing a festival in Seattle over Labor Day Weekend, called Bumbershoot, so we will likely be seeing them again in just a few short weeks!  J.'s old roommate is moving up here and should be here by then, but might have to leave that weekend for Navy training so I'm not sure if we will get to meet them again.  Either way, the band is great and could use your support!  So, if you like Indie Rock go pick up their album!

Happy Tuesday!

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