Saturday, August 21, 2010

Two things ...

1.  I made these brownies this week and OH MY GOD, they are AMAZING.  And I wonder why I can't lose weight ...  I did freeze half of the pan to bring out when we have guests in September, so I guess that is being semi-good.  But, the other half of the pan ... they are going to be gone ASAP.

2.  I finally used my Nordstrom gift card that J. gave me for my birthday.  I am the proud new owner of these:


The photo is a little large but whatever.  They are so cute!  And came in the signature Tory Burch box with Tory Burch tissue paper ... I want to be cool enough to have tissue paper with my logo on it.  Well, I'd have to have a logo first, but you know what I mean.  My only issue with the whole experience is that the guy who helped me at Nordstrom was so dang RUDE.  I love Nordstrom.  And one of the reasons I love it is because the sales people are SO nice and friendly and helpful.  Not this guy.  He apparently did not think I belonged in Salon Shoes and could not believe that I did not yet own a pair of Tory Burch Reva Flats.  Ummm, maybe not everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon right away?  I was super irritated ... especially because I was wearing designer jeans, some pretty expensive jewelry and carrying Louis Vuitton ... and trying on $200 flats.  Clearly I like nice things and have no problem purchasing them.  Apparently that is not good enough in his eyes.  And it really shouldn't matter WHAT I was wearing ... it's his JOB to bring people shoes to try on.  He shouldn't be passing judgments.  I should have just marched out of there and given my commission to someone else!  Anyways ... I'm just about over it.  But I will most definitely be taking any of my future Salon Shoes business to the downtown Seattle Nordstrom to avoid Mr. Rude.  

Anyways ... I hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!  And a great weekend! 


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  1. Cute shoes! I'd report that guy. I hate rude salespeople. Ugh.