Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekly Intentions - Week 3

Here is a recap of my intentions from last week:

1.  Check on Mr. Bag-O's house - I am pleased to report that it is still standing!
2.  Blog five times. 
3.  Walk Lucy four times.
4.  Complete six workouts.
5.  Go to bed before 12:30 three times - I suck at this majorly.  Maybe this week?
6.  Drop off donation at The Second Fiddle.  
7.  Email my jeweler about my engagement ring appraisal.
8.  Clean the inside of Suzy (our car).
9.  Call housing about my air conditioner.
10.  Find someone to mow the grass.  

So, I think I did better than last week (yay!) but I know I could do better.  Again, I did well with the important things like working out, taking care of Lucy, checking on Mr. Bag-O's house and taking care of my own house but I am still not doing well with going to bed early!  I've also decided to put off calling housing about the air conditioner because I don't think it's actually broken, I think sometimes it's runs the dehumidifier and when it runs on that cycle it doesn't blow out cool air.  At least, that's what I've heard from other people!  

Here are my intentions for this upcoming week:  

1.  Workout six times.
2.  Make it to Thursday morning Body Pump.
3.  Walk Lucy four times.
4.  Give the blog a facelift - almost done with this one already!
5.  Create a disaster kit - this is dependent on my plastic file folder coming in to the Depot.
6.  Pick up Lucy's paperwork from the Camp Zama vet.
7.  Fill a prescription I've been sitting on for weeks.
8.  Work on drinking tap water rather than bottled water when I'm at home.
9.  Send a card to J.
10.  Go to bed before 12:30 three times this week - I am determined to accomplish this goal!

What are you working on this week?

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