Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekly Intentions - Week 2

Recap of Weekly Intentions - Week 1:

1.  Create a flower arrangement for the living room.
2.  Drop off donation at the Second Fiddle (it's been sitting in the corner of my room since before J. left)
3.  Trim Lucy's nails.
4.  Paint my fingernails and toenails.
5.  Cross one thing off my deployment list.
6.  Walk Lucy four times.
7.  Complete six workouts.
8.  Call housing about the air conditioner in my bedroom.
9.  Go to bed before midnight three times (why is this so hard?!)
10.  Respond to emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

So I did pretty well with the important goals like taking care of Lucy, working out and responding to emails in a timely fashion, however I kind of sucked at making it to bed early this week.  I went to bed before midnight ONE time last week.  That HAS to change this upcoming week.  I also kind of half completed two of the goals - I didn't drop my donation off at the Second Fiddle, but I got rid of half of the stuff (that counts right?!)  and I didn't paint my toenails and fingernails, but I painted my toenails!  

And my Weekly Intentions for this upcoming week:

1.  Check on Mr. Bag-O's house (I am watching it for him while they are gone and haven't been by yet, whoops).
2.  Blog five times.
3.  Walk Lucy four times.
4.  Complete six workouts.
5.  Go to bed before 12:30 three times. 
6.  Drop off donation at The Second Fiddle.  
7.  Email my jeweler about my engagement ring appraisal.
8.  Clean the inside of Suzy (our car).
9.  Call housing about my air conditioner.
10.  Find someone to mow the grass.  

Some of these are obviously the same as the previous week, but I read that it takes two to three weeks to make something a habit!  I try to workout and walk Lucy as much as possible, but I need to start remembering that that is my top priority each day!  I am also changing my bedtime from midnight to 12:30, I think I would have accomplished this goal last week if it had been 12:30 instead of 12:00.  

Did you set Weekly Intentions last week?  How did you do?

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