Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miss Addy Turns Six

I apparently forgot to post about a big event this month ... 

Miss Addy turned six on June 5th!

I hate to admit that not only did I not blog about her birthday, I actually did not remember it was her birthday until a week later.  I am the  Luckily, I remembered the next week and immediately sent a text to my mom who helped Ads celebrate.  

Yes, she does have a birthday crown on ... she is a princess after all.  

Miss Addy has lived quite the life.  She was introduced to us as "the feisty one" and she sure has lived up to that title.  She's had a knee replacement and a hip replacement, she's lived in five states, taken a cross country road trip, flown on a plane and added a lot of joy to our lives every day for the past six years.  She's one special little lady and I hope she is enjoying her semi-retirement in Indiana!

The feisty little girl the day we brought her home

Happy Birthday Miss Addy!

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