Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When life hands you lemons ...

I've been in love with this print ever since I found it on Etsy: 

But, there were a few things I didn't like about it ... namely the price and the fact that I like vodka tonics, not gin and tonics.  Big problems here people.  

After seeing lots of these canvases on Pinterest over the past few days:

I thought perhaps, I could DIY the lemons print.  Now, I am 100% not crafty whatsoever, so if I can do this, so can you!  And you won't believe how easy it was.  

I went to Michael's and purchased:

One 11 x 14 canvas = $5.00 (50% off) 
A bottle of white acrylic paint = $0.29
A bottle of yellow acrylic paint = $0.29
Two sets of scrapbook alphabet stickers = $1.99 each
A small sponge paintbrush = $0.39
For a grand total of $9.95 + tax.

I didn't take step by step pictures (sorry!), but I started with a thin coat of white paint on the canvas and let it dry.  Then I traced the outline of a lemon on the canvas with pencil.  It does not need to be perfect, the paintbrush will help your lines stay straight when your painting.  Then, I used the alphabet stickers to write out my saying:  "when life hands you lemons, make a vodka tonic," making sure to press down each little part of the sticker.  Then, I put three coats of yellow paint over the stickers, letting each coat dry before putting the next one on.  Finally, I peeled off the stickers to reveal the final product!  

It's certainly not perfect but I love it!

And it adds just the right amount of color to my wall!

Sorry for the poor quality pictures ... sometimes I find it much easier to document life via iPhone than drag out the big camera, snap the pics, find the cord, upload them, etc.


  1. So cute and easy...what a fun idea!!!

    P.S. As soon as life has calmed down we definitely need to hang out again!

  2. awesome! you've inspired me to finally do something with my blank canvas! :)