Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Online Shopping + Hello Kitty

One of the downsides to living overseas is the lack of shopping options.  I'm a big and tall in Japan (for real) and things just don't look right on me, so I don't shop out in town.  This has been great for curbing my impulse shopping purchases, but it has been terrible for my online shopping habit :)  I have noticed that most of my favorite stores do ship to APO/FPO boxes which is awesome and we don't pay tax over here!  I am loving that - I look at it as an automatic 10% savings!  

Anyways, I did a lot some online shopping last week and I wanted to share my finds.

This is hands down, my favorite purchase:

What could be better?  School pride + Japan pride for a mere $10.00.  I cannot wait until she shows up in my mailbox :)  I also ordered a couple new bathing suits and a $4.00 tank top.  You just can't go wrong with Old Navy sale prices.

From the Gap, I ordered this super cute sweater + tank combo:

And two pairs of shorts:

purchased in black + white

And these shoes from Nordstrom:

I *really* want these shoes in the coral color, but the only place I can find them is on Endless.com and they're $20.00 more.  I just can't justify it.  Fingers crossed they go on sale soon!

Have you found any great shopping deals lately?

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