Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indianapolis & Toledo Recap!

At the beginning of this month, I headed back to Indianapolis for the first time since the big move!  It was great to be back in the city.  I met up with friends and celebrated birthdays:

 Our amazing dessert: 

Had a photo shoot in front of the monument:

 And then headed to Toledo for my best friend's wedding:
Me and Gummy (BFF's grandma)

BFF, Me and BFF's cousin:

Me and BFF's brother:

 Getting her hair did:

 The Junior Bridesmaid getting her hair done:

 Post hair do's:

 Make-up time:

 The adorable bags we got when we checked-in:

 The beautiful bride!!!  I loved the fireplace in the room we got ready in:

 The Bridesmaids post-wedding:

Our table at the reception:

 Me and the Sister:

 Jordan, The Sister and I:

 Me and Mother-of-the-Bride:

With our Mad Lib ... instead of a guest book, they did Mad Libs and Advice Cards for the Bride and Groom ... such a great idea! 

 The Sister, Gummy and Jordan ... Gummy was the LIFE of the party.  

 Me and the Bride ... she was so beautiful! 

Me, the Bride and Sister:

And then I headed back to Indy, where Sister and I carved pumpkins:

 Hard at work:

 Sister hard at work:

 The finished product:

Sister and I with our pumpkins, right before I flew back to Seattle (don't I look ridiculous in my sweater and boots??  It was 85 degrees in Indy):

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