Thursday, July 22, 2010

Saturday Afternoon ...

We left off after lunch, when we were headed over to Deception Pass State Park to do some hiking.  We started at Rosario Beach (where I did not take any pictures, whoops).  It was crowded so we left pretty quickly.  It was funny to see all the people hanging out on the beach in pants and long sleeves though!  

We set off from our new spot and came upon:

We kept hiking and came upon a deserted cove ... it was perfect!  Mrs. R and I sat around enjoying the afternoon sun while J. and Mr. R. went off exploring.  Lucy couldn't decide what to do, so she spent her afternoon running around checking on everyone.

We had a great view of Deception Pass from our little cove:

Me and Mrs. R.:

And then the fog came back, it got really cold and we left.  The End.  

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