Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flights are booked ...

to San Francisco and Houston!  And I cannot wait.  I haven't left Washington since we moved up here and I CANNOT wait to catch up with friends and family.

J. and I are going to San Francisco for a long weekend to catch up with some friends from Purdue ... it will be a mini Italy reunion for me and also a farewell to my good friend, B., who will be spending the next year in Afghanistan with the Army/Air Force Reserves.  He's always jet-setting to some remote corner of the world, but I wish he was staying a little closer to home!  Or at least not leaving for an entire year.  J.'s friend, W., is stationed about three hours from San Fran in Lemoore, so we are hoping to meet up with him as well.     

Then, Katie and I will be spending a full week in Houston!  She got to see the family the first weekend in June when they traveled to Cresco, IA to bury our Pop-pop, but I haven't seen anyone since graduation weekend, which passed in a blur.  Graduating, hosting, packing and preparing to move left little time to just sit and chat with the family.  We are lucky to have family that live in such great cities -- Houston and Chicago -- there's always so much to do every time we visit!  I love Houston and cannot wait to break out all my shorts and sundresses that aren't being worn here! 

And of course ... I am REALLY looking forward to visiting my most favorite place on Earth: 

Where I will be eating lots and lots of this: 

The ice cream is so good, it probably deserves it's own post.  After I've tasted every flavor to make sure that the Chocolate Bar hasn't been skimping on quality since my last visit.  I'd hate to recommend terrible tasting ice cream.  

I better return to my studies ... I promise to put my weekend pictures up tomorrow.  Somehow, time slipped away from me today and I didn't get my pictures uploaded.  I hate when that happens! 


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