Tuesday, July 27, 2010

D-Day ...

Ahhh, it's here.  I HOPE that I am minimally competent but I don't think that I am.  When I read my outlines, each subject seems to make sense and I always think "Oh, this is easy enough.  I know this."  But, then I read another subject and the first subject seems to leak right out of my brain.  Now would be a GREAT time to have a photographic memory.

Anyways, I am almost ready to go down to Bellevue.  I am staying in a hotel for the next 3 nights because we have to be at the exam at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow and Thursday.  Umm, how do they expect me to think straight when I am going to have to get up before 6:00 a.m.?!  It looks like I'm going on a nice little vacation ... I've got my suitcase all packed with cute clothes and my bathing suit and workout clothes.  But, unfortunately this is not going to be a nice little vacation.  Although I am hoping for some pool time!!!

In keeping with his "Finals Flowers" tradition ... J. got me some flowers yesterday ... I'm taking them with me!  The maid in my hotel room is going to think I'm a weirdo.  Here's a list of the random things I'm bringing:  my yoga mat, hand weights, a toaster, my flowers, my own towels ... haha.  I want to feel like I'm at home!  And of course, I'm bringing all the yummy goodies that my mom made me AND my new laptop case :)

Here's a pic of my BEAUTIFUL flowers:

And I tried to get Addy and Lucy to pose with them ...

(I love how pissed off Addy looks ... "You made me get up from nap to do THIS?!")

Thanks J.!!!!

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