Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Little Happies

I just sat down at my desk to try these little happies:

And catch up on my blogging.  Well maybe not catch up, that would take all night.  But get started in that direction.  But first, if you live anywhere near a Cupcake Royale, RUN there and try the Pumpkin Cardamom Cupcake.  O.M.G.  To die for.  I am so glad I'm heading back to Seattle on Wednesday to celebrate R.'s birthday.  Cupcake Royale Round Two, here I come!

I have so much to catch you all up on over the next couple of weeks, but let's start with an update on deployment life.  Saturday marked seven (7) weeks of J. being deployed.  And I feel like I can finally sit back and reflect on what a deployment is truly like.  We've been separated for 7 weeks before, when we were dating long distance, but since we moved to Washington and moved in together, the longest we've been apart is 2-3 weeks for trips home or detachments (Navy work trips).  And while I hate to say it, because I truly do miss J., this whole deployment thing has been good for me.

There have been days when I'm exhausted, when I am tired of dealing with EVERYTHING on my own, when I wish someone else could deal with Addy and Lucy, when I'm scared to be home alone, when I wish I had more time for myself and days when I've cried.  But, for the first time since I moved to Washington, I've found me.  I've had to create a life for myself, by myself, without using J. as a crutch.  I am completely, 100% dependent on MYSELF and that's made me figure out what exactly I want my Washington life to look like.  Yes, it's a little late since we are about to pack up and move, but it's been a good reminder that I am a very independent, extremely capable individual and I don't need J. to be here to have a fun and exciting life in Washington.    

Of course, that doesn't mean I am not counting down the days and weeks until he will get back or that I don't get a slight tinge of sadness every time I do something that I know he would enjoy.  I don't NEED J. to have a fun and exciting life, but he makes life more fun and exciting.  And I can't wait until he comes home :)  We've still got a few weeks (ok, more than a few) but I am hoping they will go by as quickly as these past seven weeks have gone by.

For me, the key to having a successful deployment has been to keep busy (and having two furry friends helps too)!  I have been insanely busy since J. left and I don't even work full time.  I am looking forward to things slowing down this month so I can spend more time doing some of the things that I really enjoy, but that have been neglected the past 7 weeks.  Like blogging and running and cooking.  And watching lots of fall TV ... I just signed up for Hulu Plus and so far, I am LOVING it!

Happy October Friends!

I look forward to catching up with you all in the next few weeks!

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