Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deployment Photos

J. has sent a few photos our way since he left for deployment:

J. and his jet

Practicing mid-air refueling


Flying at sunset

Take two

On the flight deck, getting ready for take-off 

Ready to go!

If I get any more pictures, I will be sure to share!


  1. I love those sunset shots! So gorgeous!

  2. The sunset shots are gorgeous! What boat is he on? My Hubby is currently on the Stennis (and although we're down in Lemoore, the Stennis is actually based in Washington).

  3. Thanks E!

    Amanda - he is on the USS Bush, it is based out of Norfolk! Do you know which base is the Stennis' homeport? I don't think there are any ships at our base (NAS Whidbey Island) but there are a bunch of other bases around here! What does your hubby do?