Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #16 - Cellphones!

Happy Tuesday friends!  I spent the day having a late Mother's Day with my mom!  I decided to wait and give my mom her Mother's Day present while I was in town this month.  We went for a four mile walk this morning, spent a few hours at the pool soaking up the glorious Midwestern sun, did some browsing at Nordstrom's and MAC, ate some delicious cupcakes, got our nails done and had a date at her favorite Mexican restaurant!  

Our delicious cupcakes ... if there is a Gigi's Cupcakes anywhere near you, you MUST go!

Anyways, on to today's main event.  As always, if you would like to play along, go over to Roots and Rings and link up!  

1.  What type of phone do you have?  Do you like it?
I have an iPhone and I love it!  It's got everything I need on it - texting, email, Facebook, Google Maps.  I think I'd have a hard time switching back to anything else!

2.  How old were you when you got your first cell phone?
I think 16 ... when I started driving.

3.  How many cell phones have you owned since your first?
I can't remember ... I remember my first phone, the last one I had before I got a smart phone, my Blackberry and now I'm on my third iPhone (not by choice!)  There were probably a few phones in between my first phone and the one I had before I got my Blackberry.

4.  How much is your average monthly phone bill?
Well, we have a family plan with my mom and sister and I think it's $275.00/month.  My portion is much smaller of course :)

5.  When you were a kid/teenager, were you allowed to have a phone in your room?
Yes, I had one of those super cool clear phones with the colored wires inside and I also had my own phone line!

6.  Do you like talking on the phone or do you despise it?  Or somewhere in-between?
It depends on the day.  I don't really love talking on the phone, but I do like catching up with everyone!

7.  Do you text a lot?  Is texting/talking while driving illegal where you live?  Are you guilty of it anyway?
Yes, I text way more than I talk on the phone.  Texting and talking while driving is illegal where I live ... I think it's stupid that talking is illegal ... I find my commuting time to be the best time to talk to people!  I am very guilty of talking while driving.  I should probably invest in a Bluetooth or something similar.

8.  What sort of texting keyboard do your phone have?  Touch screen, slide out or something different? Do you care?
My phone has a touch screen ... I'd say it's the only feature of the iPhone that I don't like.  I miss my Blackberry keyboard!

9.  Look at the last call in your carll log - who is it?  What were they calling about?  Who calls you the most?
My mom!  She was calling because she couldn't find me in the store we were in.  I'd say my mom and my friend L.Rae call me the most :)  L.Rae and I try to have weekly phone dates.  When I'm not in Washington, J. calls me a lot too.

10.  What is the longest phone call you can recall having?
Hmmm, I don't know.  Sometimes L.Rae and I can talk for 2+ hours.  Our lives are so exciting that we just always have so much to catch up on!  Haha.

Have a great week everyone!  

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  1. That sounds like a lovely belated Mother's Day celebration. Enjoy your time in Indy!