Saturday, June 4, 2011

Europe at Night

I'm currently over the middle of America ... I've lost track of exactly where we are, but we should be landing in about an hour or so.  Things that I am loving today are: 

  • A beautiful Pacific Northwest morning ... it made it so easy to get out of bed and head outside for a jog before heading to the airport!  
  • Hitting the seat lottery on my Southwest flight ... I found 5 magazines in the back of my seat!  And not boring magazines, but good gossip-y magazines.  Thank you whoever sat here before me! 
  • Gorgeous weather for flying ... I saw Mount Rainier, Mount Saint Helen's, Mount Adams, the Columbia River, the Grand Canyon (for the first time ever!) and the gorgeous desert surrounding Phoenix.  I took plenty of pictures and will post sometime this week.  
  • Wi-fi on my flight!  It's super freaking slow, but it's kept me entertained!
  • Super fun plans for the weekend ... apparently Indianapolis knows I am coming for a visit and decided to hold all of my favorite summer activities during my two week visit.  Thank you Indianapolis!  Tomorrow, I will be brunching at my favorite spot, Hoaglin, with one of my law school besties and then we will be hitting the Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival.  It is always a good time :) 
  • And finally, I am LOVING this photo I saw on A Cup of Jo
It's a satellite picture of Europe at night ... how cool is it?

I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!  Seattle-ites, enjoy the gorgeous weather that they have been predicting!

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  1. I am just loving that picture! Hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend!