Friday, August 30, 2013

NAF Atsugi Bon Odori Festival 2013

I wrote about last year's Bon Odori festival here.  This year, I was excited to be taking part in the festival!  Our husbands were deployed, but the wives of 141 came out to support us!

141 Dancers!
Mrs. Bag-O, our XO's wife, me, CO's wife (COW)

Mrs. Bag-O + Me

141 Wives!

More 141 wives!

Me + Mrs. Bag-O

Our cute bows

NAF Atsugi Dancers doing a dance to Call Me Maybe

Other groups of Japanese Bon dancers were invited to participate in our festival

NAF Atsugi dancers on the stage

Mrs. Bag-O and I ... the photo is blurry but it makes me laugh!

Dancers ... you can see our obi bows and everyone's pretty updos!

Our friend Mrs. Handy

Action shots

More action shots!

Mrs. Bag-O and I

All in all, I am glad I participated in Bon Odori dancing this summer!  It was definitely out of my comfort zone - I am super uncoordinated and hate being in the limelight - but all of the festivals we participated in this summer were a lot of fun.  It was also a great opportunity to learn about a part of Japanese culture that I probably never would have known about had I not moved to Japan.  If you are over here and you have the opportunity to participate, I highly recommend it!

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