Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girls Trip to Tokyo!

Mrs. S., Mrs. Bag-O and I took a girls trip to Tokyo one Tuesday night in July.  It is extremely hard to get rooms at the DOD hotel in Tokyo (the New Sanno) so we had to go mid-week!

We spent our first day touring Sensoji Temple in Asakusa ...

Tokyo Skytree from Asakusa

The main gate into the temple grounds ...

The main gate opens into a shopping street which leads up to the main temple entrance ...

Main gate into the temple

Me, Mrs. Bag-O and Mrs. S.

Beautiful lanterns

The main temple building

Getting our fortunes

Mrs. Bag-O had a bad fortune so she tied it to the wires and left it at the shrine

Looking out over the temple grounds from the top of the temple steps

Five tiered pagoda

Tokyo Skytree

Another shot of the main shopping street on our way out

After we saw the temple, we headed over to Harajuku to visit 246 Commons and make a stop at one of my favorite places ... Garrett's Popcorn!


and ribbon fries ... YUM!

We had dinner that night at Cicada which I highly recommend next time you are in Tokyo!  Great food and very reasonable prices for the city.  Unfortunately, I did not take any photos!

It was raining the next morning and everything we wanted to do was outside, so we decided to get a Starbucks and find this cupcake shop we'd read about before heading back to Atsugi.

Mai's Cupcakes


My cute little package of cupcakes

and my Garrett's popcorn.

It was fun to get out of Atsugi for the night and I checked Sensoji Temple off my Japan Bucket List!

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