Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Japanese Field Trip

I'm working on my Australia blog posts (going through 750 pictures takes some time!) but in the mean time, I thought I'd share photos from the field trip my Japanese students took to base!  

We had a slight snafu - I picked them up at 10:15 and we headed over to the pool ... which doesn't open until 12:00.  WHOOPS.  But they got a drink at McDonald's and came over to my house to meet Miss Lucy and color a few pages.  We finally made it into the pool and spent a few hours there before heading over to the food court for lunch.  It was a fun outing!  I really enjoy spending time with my students outside of our formal lessons - I think it gives you a deeper relationship and they see how you use English in an everyday setting!  


Genki, Yuna + Kokoha

Me and my cute little students!

We went the Monday after I got back from Australia and it was the only day I had to work that week ... how can you even call this "work"?!

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  1. Those kids are adorable. Definitely doesn't seem like an awful job. :)