Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enoshima Aquarium

I posted earlier this week about my students outing to the base pool - this Monday they took me to the aquarium in Enoshima.  Most of my students took the month of August off because the kids are out of school, but these two families weren't going out of town so we decided to do outings instead of formal lessons.  It's been fun!  

**Disclaimer - all photos were taken with my iPhone so they aren't the best quality**
Fish from Sagami Bay

Fish + coral

This Japanese man ruined my stingray photo!

Giant spider crabs

Eel (photo courtesy of Yuna)

Yuna + Kokoha looking at the jellyfish

The jellyfish hall was my favorite part of the aquarium

I have no idea what this ugly guy is ...

More jellyfish

Sea turtle!

Waiting for the dolphin show to begin.  I really liked the aquarium because it was right on the beach and parts of it were open air so you could see out to the ocean.  That is Enoshima Island and Enoshima Tower in the background.

Kokoha + Yuna watching the dolphins in the side tank

Snack time!

Dolphin show!

Kokoha petting a shark

Kokoha + Yuna

The beach with Enoshima Island in the background

It was a fun day!  And now I want to take a trip to the beach!

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