Friday, July 19, 2013

Nikko (October 2012)

Last October, Mrs. S. and I went on a tour to Nikko to see the fall foliage.  Our first stop was Ryuzu Falls, which means "dragon head."  The falls are thought to resemble a dragon head, however I couldn't see it.  Do you? 

Beautiful Japanese Red Maple

Halloween decorations in one of the stores!

Our next stop was Kegon Falls ... it did not disappoint with all the beautiful fall colors!

And then we were off to visit the shrines ... Nikko is home to several shrines but its most famous is the Nikko Toshogu Shrine.  It's home to the three famous monkeys ... "hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil."

A five tiered pagoda near the entrance

Torii Gate

The barn with the famous monkeys!

A close-up of the monkeys


Getting my fortune!

I think mine was future good luck ... but, of course, now I can't remember for sure :)

My fortune!

The shrine was huge and had many buildings

Leaving the Nikko Toshogu

Beautiful path lined with Japanese lanterns

On to the next shrine!

We weren't sure what this was for ... but we participated anyways!

Loved this one!

I think we went to three shrines that afternoon, however Nikko Toshogu was definitely the highlight for me.  And the beautiful fall foliage!  I hope to go to visit some more famous fall foliage spots this fall!

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