Monday, August 6, 2012

Deployment Goals

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I was going to do a post about our weekend, but we did a lot and I feel like each event deserves it's own post.  So hopefully later this month, after I finish blogging about Hong Kong!  The first three posts for Hong Kong are written, so look for those starting tomorrow :)

As I said last week, J. and his squadron are home for "summer break."  When J.'s squadron was attached to the USS George H.W. Bush, they deployed for 7-8 months at a time.  Here, they deploy twice a year instead of once a year, but for a shorter amount of time and they are able to come home for a few weeks in between deployments.  

The first half of this deployment was eight weeks, but I was able to see J. in Hong Kong, so it didn't feel too long.  I still set goals for myself, as I find that they help me have something to work on while J. is gone and I also like the feeling of accomplishment I get when I can cross one off my list!  

My goals were:

1.  Clean the junk off the radiator in the living room.
2.  Pack up the box in the living room and put into storage.
3.  Hang pictures in the office.
4.  Hang pictures in the living room.
5.  Set up voicemail at Softbank.
6.  Pay off my credit card.
7.  Pay down J.'s Career Starter Loan.
8.  Keep saving 15% of our monthly income.
9.  Keep up with yoga and body pump.
10.  Read The Five Love Languages.
11.  Book Hong Kong trip.

I am happy to report that I accomplished all of these goals, except #4.  However, once I got the living room re-arranged, there wasn't room for the pictures I wanted to hang.  So, I think it's safe to say I accomplished all of my deployment goals!

Time to start thinking of goals for the next round of deployment!

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