Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Weekly Intentions - Week 4

It's Tuesday ... 

and you know what that means ... 

Time for an update on my Weekly Intentions.  

Here's a recap of how I did last week:

1.  Workout six times.
2.  Make it to Thursday morning Body Pump.
3.  Walk Lucy four times.
4.  Give the blog a facelift - almost done with this one already!
5.  Create a disaster kit - this is dependent on my plastic file folder coming in to the Depot.
6.  Pick up Lucy's paperwork from the Camp Zama vet.
7.  Fill a prescription I've been sitting on for weeks.
8.  Work on drinking tap water rather than bottled water when I'm at home.
9.  Send a card to J.
10.  Go to bed before 12:30 three times this week - I am determined to accomplish this goal!

I have to say ... I did pretty darn well last week.  Not only did I accomplish most of my goals, but I actually exceeded my expectations.  I didn't workout six times, I worked out seven times.  I didn't walk Lucy four times, I walked her seven times.  I didn't just send a card to J., I sent him a card and a package!  The only thing I didn't do, was create my disaster kit and that's because my plastic file folder didn't come in.  I did, however, update my Japan binder which is where I keep all my important documents.  

Now, on to this week's intentions:

1.  Workout six times. 
2.  Walk Lucy four times. 
3.  Keep drinking water from the Brita instead of bottled water. 
4.  Start taking reusable totes to the commissary instead of using their plastic bags. 
5.  Get Mrs. S.'s house ready for her arrival (yay!)
6.  Write all my thank you's before we leave on our upcoming vacation.
7.  Write blog posts for next week!
8.  Vacuum out Mr. Bag-O's car.
9.  Do some research for our upcoming vacation. 
10.  Create my July calendar!

Are you making weekly intentions?  If so, how are you doing?

What are your intentions for this week?


  1. You've probably noticed, but I've fallen off the wagon a bit. Life has just been too crazy!

  2. I need to work on number 4...the plastic bags are piling up!