Friday, February 3, 2012


I think I've blogged about my love of TOMS before.  They are cute, comfortable and for a good cause.  How can you go wrong?  

So I was very excited when I learned they would be coming out with a line of flats - does anyone else have trouble finding cute, comfortable flats?  And I was super excited when I got a nice little email from Nordstrom letting me know that I can pre-order TOMS Flats

I'm just not sure if I should order a pair or not ... the approximate ship date for the pair I like is February 24th, which is pushing it pretty close to the date we move.  What if they don't come in time?  I can't decide if I should just go ahead and chance it or try to buy them in the store on the 24th?  Or buy them online and pick them up in the store?  Ahh.  What do you think?

And then, of course, I have to decide which pair to get ...

Oh the decisions.


  1. Agreed - they are so cute! I would buy them online and then just pick them up at whatever Nordstrom store is close to you - and I think that would be free shipping too?

  2. Oh, tough decision. It would suck for you to not to get the flats before you left. To say nothing of choosing which pair to get. Maybe you should get them in store right before you take off.

  3. We were looking at these at work today! I think the general consensus was that the Alessandra was the favorite. :) I really want some but I just can't quite justify spending QUITE that much on flats!

  4. Love them. Barb sent me a link the other day. I can't decide which one either! You should just pick them up at the store. :)