Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday my friends!  I feel like every time I blog I apologize about my extended absence, so instead of saying sorry, I am just going to say that life keeps getting in the way.  And you can't be sorry about that, can you? 

The bulk of our move is OVER (seriously?) so maybe I will find more time to blog these next two weeks.  After that, I have no idea what my internet access will be like so I will just have to promise to take lots of pictures and catch up with you all when I can.  I don't think that it has set in that we are moving although I don't know how it couldn't set in - our house is empty and we are supposed to be leaving in two weeks - but I just don't feel any emotions.  I thought it would be sad to see all of our stuff go, but it wasn't.  I hope that means that I am ready for this adventure to begin.  

Before I move onto this week's Ten on Tuesday questions ... does anyone have any suggestions about what to rename my blog?  I want to come up with a name that can stick with the blog for however long I decide to continue blogging.  Leave your suggestions in the comments!

And now, on to the main event!  If you want to join in this week, link up over at Roots and Rings

1.  What did you do this weekend? 
Well, we attended a going away party for our squadron on Friday night and it was pretty ridiculous.  But we had a great time.  Saturday night we attended a fundraiser for one of the local charities in town that I am involved in.  I was on the fundraising committee for the event, so I've been working on it since September!  Sunday we spent 12+ hours preparing for the movers to come Monday morning.  

2.  Do you prefer short fingernails or long fingernails?
Short fingernails for sure.  

3.  What is your favorite use for Pinterest?
I LOVE Pinterest.  It has been a great tool for wedding planning and I also love it for meal planning.  

4.  Do you sleep with your mouth open?
I don't think I do normally, but maybe occasionally?

5.  Where did you have the best pizza that you've ever eaten?
This question is difficult.  There's deep dish pizza in Chicago, Hot Box Pizza in Indianapolis/West Lafayette, New York style pizza ... they are all the best for their "style."  

6.  What do you eat for breakfast on weekdays?
Well, I don't always eat breakfast (whoops) and my blender is all packed up and on it's way to Japan, but I used to have a smoothie for breakfast every morning.  Or if it's the weekend, J. makes amazing omelets.  

7.  Do you watch awards shows?  Why or why not? 
Not typically, we don't have cable.  We did watch The Academy Awards because it aired on our channel (CBS)!

8.  Can you whistle?  Snap?  Curl your tongue?  Bend down and touch your palms to the ground?
I can kind of whistle.  I can snap.  I can curl my tongue.  And I can bend down and touch my palms to the ground.  

9.  What email service do you use? 

10.  What is your favorite outdoor activity? 
Skiing or hiking.  Depends on the season.  Or drinking a glass of wine on a patio overlooking the water. 

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