Thursday, February 9, 2012


This past Saturday, we spent the day in Seattle at the Third Annual Belgianfest!  The description from their website touts Belgianfest as:

"... highlighting the fascinating beer culture of Belgium by showcasing 60+ Belgian-style beers crafted by Washington breweries.  Featured beer styles include Tripels, Dubbles, Saison, Wits, Abbeys and Lambics.  All of the beers will be brewed with Belgian yeast."   

  Unfortunately, J. came down with the cold I had last week, so he didn't get to taste, but he was a trooper and came along to DD.  We brought G.S. along with us, met up with Mr. and Ms. B., and S2 and her husband.   

We had SO much fun.  I am not a huge beer drinker, but after spending Summer 2008 in Europe, I found I really liked Belgian beer so this was right up my alley.

We started our morning off with a quick lunch at Potbelly (yum) and then headed over to Bell Harbor.  We were given ten tasting tokens with our admission and a tasting glass.

I started with the Dubbel and Trippel from Anacortes Brewery.  We've visited this brewery several times before as it's in Anacortes and the man who started the brewery and used to be the head brewer is also connected to the Growler community.

I had the Belgian style Tripel from Boundary Bay Brewery.  We've eaten here when we visited Bellingham so this was on my must-taste list!

Elysian Brewing Co. had eight beers on tap (!), including two Tripels, but I got a recommendation from the guy pouring beers and was not disappointed with my choice - Bete Blanche Belgian-style Tripel.  

I tried the Donkey Deux from Georgetown Brewing, the Menage a Frog Belgian Trippel from Issaquah Brewery, Belgian Dubbel from Lazy Boy Brewing, The Giant Made of Shadows from Silver City Brewery and Spring Fever from Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Co.

As you can probably tell by the above list, I like my Trippels!  I also really enjoyed the Spring Fever from Snoqualmie.  I will definitely be looking for that in the grocery stores and restaurants soon!

Afterwards, we took in the gorgeous weather and hung out on the pier for a bit.  Warning ... picture overload coming up!

Skyline from the pier

Mt. Rainier made an appearance!

Mr. and Ms. B.

Just posing for the camera

This one is my favorite!

And I like this one too ...

Me and Ms. B.

G.S. and Mr. B.

Mr. B.

I love this one.  That's S2 and her hubs in the background!



They're in love :)

And then we walked up to Belltown Pub for happy hour and the Purdue v. IU game watch.  The Purdue Alumni Club of Puget Sound hosts game watches at Belltown Pub during football season and sometimes during basketball season as well!  And we love Belltown Pub and their awesome happy hour menu!

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  1. The weather was so wonderful this weekend. I'm glad you got to enjoy it a little! Belgianfest sounds like a lot of fun!