Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ten on Tuesday #25 - Would You Rather?

Happy Tuesday Friends.  I'm writing this instead of tackling the next project on my massive to-do list which is to clean the entire house.  I know it won't actually take that long once I get started but I just cannot start.  I'm too tired.  Running this household by myself is a lot of work and today has just been one of THOSE DAYS.  I don't know how people with kids or full-time jobs do it.  Major props to them. 

Anyways, if you want to play along this week, head over to Roots and Rings to get the questions and link-up!  This week's questions are lots of fun!  

Would You Rather?

1.  Eat chocolate covered grasshoppers or this freaky squid thing?
Ummm neither!  But I would rather eat chocolate covered grasshoppers than a moving squid.  I don't think I could eat something that was moving.  GROSS.

2.  Never see another movie or never watch TV again?
Hmm, probably never see another movie.  Giving up TV would be REALLY hard.

3.  Be a superhero with a lame power or a supervillian with an awesome power?
Probably a superhero with a lame power, because if I was a supervillian with an awesome power I would probably be using it for evil and that's not good!

4.  Eat only salty snacks for the rest of your life or only sweet snacks?
This is easy ... SWEET SNACKS.  I could never give up my sweets :)

5.  Never read another book or never hear another song?
This is hard ... I love both.  But probably never read another book.  I could always listen to books on tape :)

6.  Be a whale carcass remover or a sewer inspector?
Ew.  Neither.  I can't imagine what would smell worse - a whale carcass or a sewer?  Whichever smelled better of the two is what I would rather do!

7.  Have no electricity or no running water?
No running water.  I don't think I could live with internet.

8.  Be a dog or a cat?
DOG!  I'm allergic to cats.  That would be awkward to be allergic to myself.

9.  Always be hot or always be cold?
Always be hot I think. I hate being cold.  Although when you are cold you can always add more layers.

10.  Be forced to watch all 3 High School Musicals on an endless loop or the Twilight movies?
Twilight movies!  I love Twilight :)

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