Friday, September 23, 2011

The Mother Visits the Pacific Northwest 2011 - Visiting Victoria, Part II

So remember that one time that I went to Victoria?  

I guess it's about time that I finish blogging about it.  Especially since I have about one million other things to tell you about that have happened since then and we don't want to go out of order now, do we?  

So, in case you don't remember ... you can read about our first day in Victoria here

We started our second day in Victoria bright and early ... we had a lot to accomplish before catching the evening ferry out of Sidney, B.C.

We wandered a few blocks away to Chef Suzi in the Square for breakfast.  It was the cutest little cafe and nice on our pocketbook after our slightly expensive first day in Victoria.  

Photo from Chez Suzi website

After breakfast, we wandered around the square - there was some kind of Sunday market going on with lots of cute little jewelry vendors.  Then we headed back to the Fairmont and got the car so we could head out on our adventures for the day. 

First up on our list was Mile 0 ... I've been to Mile 0 in Key West and now Mile 0 in Victoria.  Probably couldn't get any more far apart huh?

Mile 0 - US 1 
Key West, FL

Mile 0 - Trans-Canada Highway (or Highway 1)
Victoria, B.C.

Coincidentally, they are both popular tourist photo ops :) 

Mile 0 is also conveniently located next to Beacon Hill Park which had great views of the Olympics across the Strait of Juan De Fuca.  At Beacon Hill, we were directly north of Port Angeles, WA on the Olympic Peninsula.

View from Beacon Hill Park:

We hopped back into the car and headed towards Mount Tolmie, which had great views of the city and also Mount Baker. 

Loved the compass pointing you in the right direction:

Can you see Mount Baker in the pictures below?

And then we headed out of Victoria, towards Buchart Gardens which were conveniently located between Victoria and Sidney (where we needed to catch the ferry!)

Butchart Gardens were amazing.  I didn't think it would be THAT cool, because how cool can a garden really be?  But they were amazing.  So amazing that I took a billion pictures and my camera battery died.  And then I seriously considered running out to the car to re-charge it so I could finish taking pictures.  Seriously.  CRAZY.  They were also so amazing that I'd like to go back because the gardens are different each season.  

Double headed Begonias.  Love.

The Sunken Garden


Ross Fountain

Take 2

Totem Poles

Dahlias.  I LOVE DAHLIAS.  Love them.

Dahlia Row.  LOVE.

Cherry Parfait Rose

More roses

Sturgeon Fountain

Japanese Lantern
Pacific Northwest Style = covered in moss.

Butchart Cove
Because no estate is complete without a cove, right?

AJ in the Japanese Garden

A little stone bridge

Lily pad!

Me in the Japanese Garden
Let's pretend that stripes don't make one wider :)

Italian Garden 

.... and then my camera died :( 

Map of the Gardens. 

After Butchart, we headed to Sidney.  We walked around the shops a bit and had an adult beverage and snack at Beacon's Landing Bar & Grill.  They had amazing bruschetta and fun cocktails.  Perfect for an afternoon pick me up :)

And then we hopped on the ferry (and I charged my camera battery so I could take MORE pictures). 

Mt. Baker

Good-bye Sidney!

Mt. Baker

The sun setting on Mount Baker ... love the colors in this one!

And that was our trip to Victoria ...

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