Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deployment Update

Have you recovered from all our news?  It was a lot to take in and now you can see why I needed so long to process it all :)  

I certainly threw a few temper tantrums when I first found out the news, but I am now happy to report that I am looking forward to this adventure.  I think the hardest part for me was that J. would be deploying right away.  My biggest fear about moving to Washington and joining this crazy lifestyle was that J. would deploy and I would be stuck in a place where I don't know anyone, without a job or anything to do while he was gone.  And that came true.  We live in a small town about an hour north of Seattle and I don't know very many people who live in our town.  All of our Navy friends live in Oak Harbor or Anacortes and my other friends live in Seattle.  I don't work full-time and now that we are moving to Japan in early 2012, I don't really have a lot of motivation or incentive to take on new clients since I may have to leave mid-case. The whole deployment thing absolutely terrified me.  I am where I am because of J.  Take him out of the picture and where does that leave me? 

It has definitely taken some getting used to and I know I will have plenty of bad days over the next few months, but I think overall I will be busy and happy.  Quite honestly, I think managing our household and our lives is going to be like having a full time job.  I've never had to manage the entire household, plus the yard, plus my life, plus J.'s before.  In a nutshell, I am managing the household, two dogs, 8 bank accounts, 4 credit cards, all of the household bills and preparing to move to a foreign country.  It's kind of a lot!

And I have some pretty great friends who have kept me busy this past week and will keep me busy in the weeks to come.  I literally have not eaten one meal at home since I returned from Texas last Wednesday!  

On Monday, R. and I went to University Place and did some shopping.  I think J. is VERY lucky that we don't live in Seattle because I've gotten my shopping bug back :)  I was good though!  Then we went to dinner at Boom Noodle, which has half-priced bottles of wine on Mondays and very delicious food.  

Tuesday night, E. and CeCe came down to MV and we had a girls night at Empire Ale House.  MV does not have a lot to offer bar and restaurant wise, but the few places they do have are very good.  Plus, we hadn't seen each other since before their big European Adventure so we had a lot to catch up on and lots of fun plans to make for September! 

Wednesday night, I ventured back down to Seattle to meet S2 and R. for happy hour at Hazelwood in Ballard.  Hazelwood was the cutest little bar, with great happy hour cocktails and we had so much fun.  Afterwards, we saw The Help at the Majestic Theater which is so cute and quaint (and had the tastiest popcorn!).  I highly recommend seeing The Help -- if you read the book and liked it, you will like the movie.  If you haven't read the book, you can still like the movie :)  After that, S2 and I ventured over to Root Table to have a proper dinner (movie theater popcorn isn't considered a proper dinner?).  They have a late night happy hour (I love this about Seattle!) and we had lots of fun tapas.

By Thursday, I was exhausted.  I came home from baby-sitting and remembered that Addy and Lucy were out of food.  Ugh.  Off I went to the store so I could feed the little girls.  And then I laid on the couch and watched  Mad Men.

I've got a lot of fun things to look forward to this weekend,
but I'll wait until next week to tell you about them!

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