Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Recap

I hope you all had a good weekend!  We weren't treated to any beautiful weather like I hoped, but we still managed to enjoy our weekend :)

Friday night we had dinner with one of J.'s friends and his wife.  They have been wanting to get together for dinner for months now and we finally made it happen!  It was a really fun night filled with new friends and good food.  It's always nice to make another friend in the Navy community!  

Saturday we did some chores around the house ... we haven't had a typical Saturday at home since we moved in.  I did some cleaning and painting and J. worked on our new compost bins.  We are going to give composting a try ... I want to start a vegetable garden and apparently composted soil is the best soil out there.  I will report back in a few weeks (or months?).  Saturday night we had plans to hang out with Mateo and R.  They wanted to go check out Bellingham, so they picked us up and off we went.  We really did a Tour de Bellingham.  We started at Temple Bar in downtown Bellingham.  They have happy hour on Saturdays (YAY!) and their special was a bottle of wine and a cheese plate for $15.00.  We just couldn't pass up a deal that good!  We also happened to have the nicest bartender you could imagine who gave us recommendations for the rest of our evening.  Unfortunately, the restaurant he recommended for dinner (The Prospect Street Cafe) was closed but we drove out to the bay and had dinner at the Harborside Bistro.  It was in a beautiful hotel and we had a great view of the water while we dined.  From there, we stopped at Cap Hansen's and Rumors to check both bars out.  Cap Hansen's is a small dive bar and Rumors is the gay bar.  We enjoyed people watching at both.  On our way out of town, we stopped at the martini bar in the Best Western.  It was a really fun night and we got lots of valuable recommendations for our future trips to Bellingham.  I can imagine how beautiful the view at Harborside will be on a sunny, summer afternoon! 

Today (Sunday), I ventured into Seattle with my friend Mrs. S.  She wanted to go to the Ballard Market and we were going to wait for a nice day, but decided to go in the rain.  One of her good friends from home is in town for the next three months, so we picked her up in Queen Anne and had lunch at Homegrown.  It was a great place to grab a quick sandwich before heading out to the market.  I didn't take a single picture, but it was a nice market with lots of beautiful flowers and fresh produce.  Mrs. S. and I got very cute headbands from one of the vendors.  We wandered around a few more stores in the area before heading back up north.  

Slowly, but surely, I feel like I am learning my way around Seattle and finding the cute, hole in the wall places that really make up a city.  I love exploring all of the neighborhoods and can't wait to show all my finds to our next visitors!

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