Friday, April 22, 2011

Fremont Troll Stroll

This past Saturday, we had the chance to re-live our college days while donating money to a good cause.  Sounds like the perfect day, huh?  We participated in the 2011 Fremont Troll Stroll ... a twelve bar, bar crawl through Fremont with the proceeds going to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  It was such a fun time!  And, as our accountant said, a pretty good deal at $3.75 a drink!  With advance purchase of your ticket you got a drink ticket to each of the 12 participating bars and a t-shirt.  It was our goal to make it to all 12 bars and, I must admit, I was slightly worried about having 12 drinks.  But, the organizers were one step ahead of us (this was their 10th Troll Stroll after all) and we had mini-beers at each bar.  Genius.  Unfortunately, we only made it to 11 of the 12 bars, but not because we didn't put forth a good effort!  We tried to go to one of the bars, George & Dragon TWICE but both times the line was so long we didn't think it was a good use of our time.  

A map of all participating bars

The Dubliner Irish Pub ... Bar #4!

Group photo ... Me, R, R's friend, R.H. & S2
Unfortunately I don't remember what bar this was ...

Jello shots at Woodsky's

R.H. and J. ... hey, wait a minute, I'm wearing that shirt too!

Austin joins the fun...
R., Austin, S2 and me

After the bar crawl, we headed to happy hour at Dad Watson's (one of the participating bars).  One thing I love about Seattle is that most bars have happy hour every day of the week!  A $6 dinner?  Yes, please!

And then, on our way home, I decided I needed to try Molly Moon's.  R. has been talking about it for ages, NavyGirl blogged about it last week and it was conveniently located on our route home:

The menu

My Theo Chocolate and Salted Caramel ... yum.  I also tried a sample of balsamic strawberry which I think I will mix with Theo Chocolate on my next visit.  Perhaps I need to introduce L.Rae to Molly Moon's this weekend?

It was such a fun event and I think I will definitely be participating in the 2012 Troll Stroll ... 


  1. Looks so fun! Wish I could've been there, I love all the bars in Fremont.

    Isn't the salted caramel at Molly Moon's divine? I love pretty much all of the flavors. I recently tried the mulled wine sorbet. I didn't think I would like it, but oh man was it good.

  2. I really want salted caramel ice cream again!!!

  3. I saw your post on Seattle Stevie's blog about Local 360 and wanted to check out your blog since it looked like you were a local! Yay for finding more PNW blogs! :)