Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Do you set New Year's Resolutions?  Usually I set something small and forget about it by the end of January.  But, this year, I want to set goals and actually achieve them!  So here are some things I will be working on in 2011:

1.  Being more punctual.  I am ALWAYS late.  And it's not a good thing.  So I will be working on being on time or even early.  And I've actually been working on this for the past two weeks and it's going very well.

2.  Get a job!  I don't blog about it much because I try to keep the blog content positive, but my job search is not going as planned at all.  It's been extremely frustrating and stressful and I've come to the realization that it might be a while before I am a real life practicing lawyer.  And that's okay.  But, while I am waiting, I need to be working.  Even if that means doing something I don't want to do.  I applied for a few non-lawyer jobs in October and November and did not get a positive response, but I am going to try again.

3.  Get healthy.  I need to get in shape and start eating better.  And to do this, I'm going to pick a couple of 5K races to run.  And I'm going to do it with friends so I will HAVE to follow through.  My goal is to be in much better shape by the time hiking season comes around.

What are your resolutions for 2011?


  1. wow, you've visited so many states! I think if I made a map for myself it would be more white than color! I love the idea of trying to visit all 50 states - good luck (and I highly recommend Hawaii...for obvious reasons - aka. sunshine!)

  2. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by ... I have been reading your blog this evening!