Friday, July 5, 2013

Kappabashi Street (August 2012)

Kappabashi is the famous kitchen district in Tokyo.  They sell everything you would need if you were running a restaurant - take out containers, plastic food for your display windows, dishes, pots and pans, knives, you name it.  

A wall of dishes


Plastic sushi!

More plastic sushi

More dishes

This was our favorite store ... I think we all got a souvenir here!


I want to get a nice sushi knife!

Unroasted coffee beans

You buy the beans and they roast them for you in this machine

Ombre dishes!

We stopped for a little snack!

Mrs. Bag-O, Mrs. S. and Mrs. H.

Can you see the giant beetle on this building?

And, last but not least, a building with mugs on it!

It was a fun day!  I recommend going, especially if you are looking for dishes, pots and pans or a nice set of knives!  Or just some plastic food!

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  1. I'm taking a friend who's never been this weekend. I really just needed an excuse to go back and get a knife before we leave next month!