Friday, September 20, 2013

Miyagase Tree Lighting (December 2012)

Last December, J. and I took a base tour to Lake Miyagase for their annual Christmas tree lighting.  The small town is covered in lights and the highlight of the evening is lighting the main tree.  The Japanese people might not celebrate Christmas, but they sure know how to decorate for it!  

One of the shops in the small town

Standing in line for mochi


Happy Merry Christmas!

The view before sunset

Me + J. before all the lights were turned on

Start of the Tunnel of Lights

The beautiful Christmas Tree!

The lighted path leading up to the pedestrian bridge ...

With our friends and neighbors!

The tree with the lighted pedestrian bridge

J. + Me

If you are in the area, I highly recommend going to this event.  It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season and get into the Christmas spirit!

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