Thursday, September 5, 2013

Deployment Homecoming (November 2012)

In light of the recent homecoming, I thought now would be a good time to post about last year's winter homecoming!  J., Mr. S. and Mr. A. did not get to fly a jet off the boat, so Mrs. S., Mrs. A. and I drove down to Yokosuka to watch the boat pull back into port.  It is something I think every Navy spouse should see at least once!  

Mt. Fuji was peeking out!

The boat coming around the corner

Can you see the sailors manning the rails?  It's a Navy tradition for the sailors to man the rails as the ship returns to port from deployment.

The ships gets backed into the slip

Home at last!

It was a great experience to watch the carrier return from her 2012 patrol, but the homecoming festivities were smaller than I imagine they might be in the States.  The sailors aboard the USS George Washington are split between two bases - Comfleact Yokosuka and NAF Atsugi - so the homecoming festivities are also split between the two bases.  The sailors from Atsugi are bussed back to the base and their celebrations take place when they arrive back at Atsugi.

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