Friday, January 13, 2012

October - December, 2011

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my previous post :)

So I realize I have sucked at blogging over the past few months.  And I am definitely trying to do better :)  And I hate to drag you all back to October 2011, but the last recap I did was of my trip to Yakima which was the very first weekend of October.  And I am Type A and can't feel good about moving on to 2012 until I finish writing about 2011.  So bear with me.

In October ...

R., M.C. and I watched the UW v. Colorado game at Duchess Tavern.  It was lots of fun, but we felt OLD.  Yikes.  Apparently we can't hang with the college kids anymore.  And we were rooting for Colorado (R.'s alma mater) so we were slightly out of place. 

I had dinner with an old friend from law school at my favorite restaurant, Phoenecia, in West Seattle.  If I lived closer to this place, I would be fat and my bank account would be empty.  It's a must go in my opinion!

I visited my mom and sister in Chicago.

My sister and our friend Joe took me out to one of their favorite restaurants, Sunda.

I met my sister for lunch and got some yummy cupcakes from Crumbs:

We went for dinner at Quartino ... another delicious restaurant!

I had brunch with Face at The Breakfast Club:

Went shopping for an afternoon and enjoyed the beautiful weather and scenery:

And watched my grandfather play the cello in the Evanston Symphony!
Isn't he adorable in his bowtie?

After Chicago, we celebrated Halloween at R.'s:
as the trio from Alice and Wonderland!

In November ... 

I had a spa afternoon at The Chyrsalis in Bellingham, compliments of J.  It was awesome and if I ever strike it rich, I am definitely going to be treating myself to spa afternoons more often!

I got my first speeding ticket in 10 years.  Thank you Island County.

The squadron Wives Club started preparing for the homecoming. 

And I spent a week in Houston for Thanksgiving! 

In December ... 

I saw The Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet ...

J. came home from his four month deployment:

Mr. K13 met baby Noah for the first time and the whole hangar was teary eyed.  Meg and Aaron from Evantide Photography captured the moment beautifully.

We got engaged ... which you can read all about here.

And then we went home for two weeks!

It was a great way to end 2011.  

Thanks for sticking with me through my blogging rut ... I hope you all have a wonderful MLK weekend!


  1. I love that pic with your grandfather. He is adorable!

  2. I looked at the photos of Mr K13 and Noah and it brought tears to my eyes...I can't imagine how wonderful that must have been to actually be there in the moment. Glad everyone made it home safely!

  3. You guys have certainly been busy! Cute picture of you and your grandpa!